Saturday, August 6, 2011

Recent Sighting

After many years of no reported Nibbler activity on the lake, a possible sighting has been reported by John P. of Woodstock. A few weeks ago, right before a strong storm blew through, John P. was on the lake near the Little River ramp and thinks he saw Nibbler activity.

After enjoying some kneeboarding farther up Little River past the marina, he was climbing the swim ladder to get back into the boat and thinks that a Nibbler was in the water. He tried to take a photo of the creature, but it submerged before he could take the picture.

If you are in this area of the lake, pay special attention and report any sightings.

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Anonymous said...

im at work at victoria harbour marina and there are absolutley no boats out therefore no waves. I looked out the window and see 5 bumps surfacing the water creating huge waves then it dissapeared under the water within seconds and the waves stopped instantly.