Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Historic Photographic Evidence?

Recent sightings have generated new interest in discovering the identity of the Allatoona Toe Nibbler. This renewed interest led to the discovery of this vintage photograph reportedly taken during the construction of the dam at Jordan Lake in Alabama during the 1920s. Although a sense of scale is difficult to determine from the photo, the creature was said to be approximately the size of a large child (between 80 and 100 lbs.) Discovered by workers during the construction of the dam, the species of animal was never determined.

The Etowah River (which forms Lake Allatoona) flows into the Coosa River in Alabama. It is likely that this creature is an early relative of the the creatures that live in Lake Allatoona. This photograph seems

to match the recent descriptions given by eye witnesses of a three-toed creature with small beady eyes. The mouth could certainly account for the nibbles felt by swimmers.

Considering that few other sightings have been reported along the Etowah-Coosa river basin, we can theorize that the largest population of existing Toe Nibblers now inhabit Lake Allatoona.

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