Monday, September 3, 2007

Toe Nibbler Habitat Loss

Recent drought conditions in Georgia have taken a toll on Lake Allatoona. As the Corps has struggled to maintain lake levels while continuing to provide water to downstream areas, the habitat of the Toe Nibbler is in jeopardy. Lake levels are currently down ten feet or more and many of the small coves have all but dried up.

As the coves and shallower waters begin to dry up, the Toe Nibbler is forced into deeper pools. Lake users should be aware that the Toe Nibbler may be present in areas previously thought to be "Nibbler Free". Swimmers and anglers should continue to be cautious while on the lake and report any possible Nibbler activity to this website.

1 comment:

JunkMale said...

The Toe Nibbler lives! Habitat loss could be a good thing, and here's why: as water levels go down, it could only get easier for the Toe Nibbler to catch fish to eat. Therefore it gets nice and fat. Then the lake dries up more, then we catch it, and then we have a big Toe Nibbler pickin'.

I'm always up for trying new kinds of meats, and this is certainly a rare one indeed. Mmm barbequed cryptids...